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Welcome and thank you for your interest in

ACT® Math test preparation with I Hate Math Group!

​Our test preparation success comes from understanding that every student

has a different math background.

We build a plan of action for every student to improve his/her math skills.

We understand that test preparation is less about studying and MORE about preparing and practice.

Quick Facts about the ACT®:

1) The ACT® has only 1 math section with 60 questions and you can use a calculator.

2) The questions are set in order of difficulties.

3) The ACT® math section covers from arithmetic to trigonometry concepts

How does it work ?

The student takes an initial online math assessment to determine their math level.

​ Our test preparation program works with our bestseller study guide

"ACT/SAT® Math workbook for Math Haters"

with over 300 math practice questions for arithmetic, algebra, word problems, geometry and trigonometry.

The student then will come to private or group tutoring lessons to our center or online.

What are the prices?

We offer 10 hours for $350 or 5 hours for $185 plus $20 dollars the math workbook

"ACT/SAT Math Workbook​ for Math Haters​"

How can I start?

Text us at 305-397-6429 your and student full name and when you would like to start!

Have a Math Day!

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